Baştürk, Özgür; Esmer, Ekrem Murat
Open Astronomy, 27, 14-18
Publication year: 2018

NY Virginis is an eclipsing binary system with a subdwarf B primary and an M type dwarf secondary. Recent studies (Qian et al. 2012; Lee et al. 2014) suggested the presence of two circumbinary planets with a few Jovian masses within the system. Lee et al. (2014) examined the orbital stabilities of the suggested planets, using the best-fit parameters derived from their eclipse timing variation analysis. They found that the outer companion should be ejected from the system in about 800 000 years. An observational report from Pulley et al. (2016) pointed out that the recent mideclipse times of the binary deviate significantly from the models suggested by Lee et al. (2014). In fact, variations in the orbital period of the system had already been recognized by many authors, but the parameters of these variations vary significantly as new data accumulate. Here, we analyze the eclipse timing variations of the NY Vir system, using new mid-eclipse times that we have obtained together with earlier published measurements in order to understand the nature of the system and constrain its parameters.

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