Burdanov, Artem; Benni, Paul; Sokov, Eugene; Krushinsky, Vadim; ... ; Baştürk, Özgür; Pakštiene, Erika; ...
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 130, 074401
Publication year: 2018

We report the discovery of the transiting hot Jupiter KPS-1b. This exoplanet orbits a V = 13.0 K1-type main-sequence star every 1.7 days, has a mass of {1.090}-0.087+0.086 M Jup and a radius of {1.03}-0.12+0.13 R Jup. The discovery was made by the prototype Kourovka Planet Search (KPS) project, which used wide-field CCD data gathered by an amateur astronomer using readily available and relatively affordable equipment. Here we describe the equipment and observing technique used for the discovery of KPS-1b, its characterization with spectroscopic observations by the SOPHIE spectrograph and with high-precision photometry obtained with 1 m class telescopes. We also outline the KPS project evolution into the Galactic Plane eXoplanet survey. The discovery of KPS-1b represents a new major step of the contribution of amateur astronomers to the burgeoning field of exoplanetology.