Şenavcı, H. V., Yílmaz, M., Baştürk, Ö., Özavcı, İ., Çalíşkan, Ş., Kılıçoǧlu, T., Tezcan, C. T.
Baltic Astronomy, 23, 123
Publication year: 2014


We present the simultaneous light and radial velocity curve analysis of two contact binaries in Pegasus using the Wilson-Devinney code. The following absolute astrophysical parameters are determined: masses, radii and effective temperatures. BB Peg is a W-subtype W UMa-type binary, components of which are main sequence stars with 0.50 M and 1.40 M. The radii of its components are R1 = 0.81 R and R2 = 1.28 R. V407 Peg is an A-subtype contact binary composed of two subgiant components with masses 1.70 M and 0.43 M, and radii R1 = 2.17 R and R2 = 1.25 R. Comparisons with the theoretical models for solar composition by Girardi et al. (2000) confirms our classification and supports the results.


  • stars: binaries
  • eclipsing, stars: fundamental parameters
  • stars: individual (BB Peg, V407 Peg)