Çalışkan, Ş.; Latković, O.; Djurašević, G.; Özavcı, İ.; Baştürk, Ö.; Cséki, A.; Şenavcı, H. V.; Kılıçoğlu, T.; Yılmaz, M.; Selam, S. O.
The Astronomical Journal, Volume 148, Issue 6, article id. 126, 12 pp
Publication year: 2014


We analyze new, high quality multicolor light curves of four overcontact binaries: AK Her, HI Dra, V1128 Tau, and V2612 Oph, and determine their orbital and physical parameters using the modeling program of G. Djurasevic and recently published results of radial velocity studies. The achieved precision in absolute masses is between 10% and 20%, and the precision in absolute radii is between 5% and 10%. All four systems are W UMa-type binaries with bright or dark spots indicative of mass and energy transfer or surface activity. We estimate the distances and the ages of the systems using the luminosities computed through our analysis, and perform an O – C study for V1128 Tau, which reveals a complex period variation that can be interpreted in terms of mass loss/exchange and either the presence of the third body, or the magnetic activity on one of the components. We conclude that further observations of these systems are needed to deepen our understanding of their nature and variability.


  • binaries: close, binaries: eclipsing,
  • stars: fundamental parameters,
  • stars: individual: AK Her HI Dra V1128 Tau V2612 Oph