Djurašević, G., Baştürk, Ö., Latković, O., Yılmaz, M., Çalışkan, Ş., Tanrıverdi, T., Şenavcı, H. V., Kılıçoǧlu, T., Ekmekçi, F.
The Astronomical Journal, 145, 80
Publication year: 2013


We analyze new multicolor light curves for four close late-type binaries: HS Aqr, EG Cep, VW LMi, and DU Boo, in order to determine the orbital and physical parameters of the systems and estimate the distances. The analysis is done using the modeling code of G. Djurašević, and is based on up-to-date measurements of spectroscopic elements. All four systems have complex, asymmetric light curves that we model by including bright or dark spots on one or both components. Our findings indicate that HS Aqr and EG Cep are in semi-detached, while VW LMi and DU Boo are in overcontact configurations.


  • binaries: eclipsing,
  • binaries: spectroscopic,
  • stars: individual: HS Aquarii EG Cephei VW Leonis Minoris DU Bootis