I am an Associate Professor working in Ankara University, Astronomy and Space Sciences Department. My research interests include the study of extrasolar planets and eclipsing binary stars. I define myself as an “observer” before everything else. Looking at the night sky with a telescope gets in the blood. So I do my research based on observational data from ground and space-based telescopes  You can reach my scientific publication list fin NASA-ADS database from here

Teaching is an excellent opportunity to share experiences with students and look at the basics of the field from a different perspective. I teach AST121 Introduction to Astronomy to freshman in our department and AST413 Planetary Systems & Their Formation,  to fourth year undergrad students. I am also teaching 801.515 Databases in Astronomy and  801.526 Asteroseismology to graduate students in Ankara University. I have been also  teaching PHYS252 Introductory Astronomy course to science and engineering majors in Bilkent University as a part-time instructor since fall 2016.

I used to tach AST415 / AST416 Numerical Analysis in Astronomy I-II, and AST404 Observational Astronomy But a colleague of mine, Ekrem Murat Esmer is teaching the numerical analysis courses currently. You might want to contact him for the updates in the course and its documentation. The Observational Astronomy course is closed now and Prof. Hakan Volkan Şenavcı is teaching a similar course with a different content. So the content I taught is out-dated and mostly obsolete. 

This is my personal website. You can find information about myself, my research, the courses I am teaching in the department, and my thoughts in diverse topics of interest in the blog section.

Academic Positions

Education & Training

  • Ph.D. 2012

    Ph.D. in Astronomy & Astrophysics

    Ankara University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

  • B.A. 2006

    Bachelor of Science in Astronomy

    Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Dept. of Astronomy and Space Sciences