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Modeling and Period Study of the Overcontact Binary V1128 Tau

Conference Poster
Latkovic, O.; Çalişkan, c.; Djurasevic, G.; Özavci, I.; Baştürk, &.; Cseki, A.; cSenavci, H. V.; Kilicoglu, T.; Yilmaz, M.; Selam, S. O.
ASP Conference Series, Vol. 496, 215
Publication year: 2015

A Python-based GUI Software to Calculate Minima and Maxima Times: Xtrema

Conference Poster
Bahar, E., Senavci, H.V., Basturk, O.
ASP Conference Series, Vol. 496, 288
Publication year: 2015

Orbital Period Variations in the NY Vir System, Revisited in the Light of New Data

Conference Poster
Baştürk, Özgür; Esmer, Ekrem Murat
Open Astronomy, 27, 14-18
Publication year: 2018